Restroom Report

Unzipping Our Flies at FR.OG

The riser in the middle of the sinks is sometimes used by singing bullfrogs.
The riser in the middle of the sinks is sometimes used by singing bullfrogs.haha Photo: Daniel Maurer

Philip Kirsh and Didier Virot probably fancied themselves the Mac to Balthazar’s PC when they opened up their new place FR.OG just a hop away from the grand ol’ dame. Still, they knew that a slick design scheme and cutesy punctuation wouldn’t cut it: Had they gone up against the ’Zar without proper hardware — meaning, the restrooms — they would’ve been up shit’s creek. But we can assure you the bathrooms won’t be the reason if this place croaks.

Concept: A chic restaurant in Morocco’s Palmerie district, with mirrors in the communal washing area infinitely reflecting tourists smashed on lemongrass-infused booze.

Privacy: Plenty of it in the WCs, though the wall of urinals is as crowded as a souk.

Amenities: A dimmer controls the Moroccan lanterns in the WCs; ceiling speakers play French house music (or is this a drawback?).

Drawbacks: The reflective automatic faucets are très chic, but they shut off the moment your hand moves away.

Strategy: If you want to wash up in private rather than at the communal console, hit up the handicap WC — if anyone catches you, make like Larry David and pretend to be a stutterer.

Rating: 4 stars


Unzipping Our Flies at FR.OG