Opening: Chaise Lounge

Dedicated readers know that we have a thing for restaurant names, and the newest New American in Wicker Park, Chaise Lounge, is no exception. That’s definitely the cleverest lounge name we’ve heard in a while - nothing endears us quite like a pun. It means that they don’t take themselves too seriously, a crime committed by virtually every other so-called “lounge” in Chicago.

The food, however, is quite serious. Chef Isaac Holzwarth (formerly of RL) has designed a menu for people who live to eat more than who live for the scene. We’re talking pan-seared rainbow trout four ways (Veronique, Meuniere, Provencale, Lyonnaise), your choice for $12.50. We’re also talking roast venison with an apple cider reduction, chestnut cipollini & raisin relish for $14. That’s no joke! Even the heirloom tomato salad with candied fennel and crispy sweet onions for $10.25 is more than a step above necessary.

Chaise is also serving brunch, and they’re open til the wee hours (2am on Sun-Fri, 3am on Sat). Also, they have a roof deck. Roof deck! Yeah, this is where it’s at right now.

Chaise Lounge [MenuPages]
Chaise Lounge [Official Site]

[Photo: Le Corbusier’s iconic chaise lounge, Treadway/Toomey Galleries]

Opening: Chaise Lounge