New York is Now Fat City; Korean KFC Comes to New York

Fat is where it’s at in New York today, thanks to the efforts of what Adam Platt would call the “refined meathead” school of chefs like David Chang and Zak Pelaccio. [NYT]
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Kyochon Chicken, the Korean chain behind the current wave of Korean fried-chicken restaurants, has opened in Flushing. Two more locations are planned for Bayside. [NYT]

Ilan Hall defeated Sam Talbot in their outdoor Top Chef rematch yesterday, Hall’s soft-shell crab salad triumphing over Talbot’s grilled quail and potatoes. [NYDN]

In a must-read feature on the Di Fara debacle, the depth of the Health Department’s evil is revealed: They specifically objected to Dom DeMarco’s finishing his pizza with a sprinkling of cheese. [NYO]

Top Chef is back, and New York foodies will likely continue to be obsessed with it. [NYO]

Terrance Brennan of Picholine, Marcus Samuelsson of Aquavit, and A Voce’s Andrew Carmellini talk knives, all agreeing that the Japanese blades sold at Korin Japanese Trading Company are the way to go. [NYP]

Pixar studied and digitized the cooking technique of Thomas Keller for the animated-rat star of Ratatouille. [NYT]

Meatpaper, a quarterly devoted to all things carnivorous, debuts. [Serious Eats]

Jose Guermos, the Mexican pasta cook at A Voce, had no prior food training. But his sewing skills came in handy. [NYS]

New York is Now Fat City; Korean KFC Comes to New York