‘Mmm, this McChicken sure is–waitaminute!’

The Golden Arches have been sued once again, this time by a police officer who claims his chicken was, um, “slimed” by two teenage employees at his local McDonald’s chain:

Officer Josh Douglas said he was working nights two years ago and went through the McDonald’s drive-thru in Charles City. He ordered a chicken sandwich, which came with lettuce and tomato.Not liking vegetables, Douglas said he went to remove the toppings and discovered what he described as a mucousy substance holding them together.”Fortunately, I don’t like lettuce. Because if I did I would have at least taken one bite before I realized what was the matter,” he said.Douglas and another officer went inside the restaurant, where they found two teenagers working. The employees said they were imitating a prank in a movie in which a state trooper orders a burger and the cook spits phlegm on it.

The two perpetrators were immediately fired; one of them even apologized. Officer Douglas, however, will continue to seek money “accountability” from the burger behemoth.

For Ronald’s bastion of beef, this is just the latest in a rough week that already included a french fry class action suit, a franchise demolition led by a 92-year-old person, anti-McNugget rebels in Berlin, and an armed robbery.

Police officer sues McDonald’s over spit in his sandwich [CourtTV]

‘Mmm, this McChicken sure is–waitaminute!’