McD’s Contracting Mothers To Blog About Restaurant Quality

In a move that might be described as brave, McDonald’s is opening up its kitchens to an army of motherbloggers, who will be reporting their allegedly unedited findings on McD’s website, and their verifiably unedited findings on blogs around the Internet. The fast food giant’s goal is to stem criticism that the restaurant’s offerings are making the country obese by making their processes more transparent to the public (as transparent as a barrel of trans fats?)

So what is this really going to accomplish? If McD’s is trying to stamp out criticisms related to the nutrition of their food, this scheme isn’t going to have any impact at all. What will the mothers say? “Workers secretly pat off extra oil from the French Fries before enboxing them to save customers a few calories”? Aren’t the kitchens…already open? You can see all the way to the back!

Maybe people will develop such good will toward McD’s for its promotion of honesty and accountability that they will cease to imply that the company is forcing Americans to eat its unhealthy food. Maybe people will see that McD’s workers are actually happy and well-treated, and the campaign to change the definition of “McJob” will come to fruition. Or maybe, everything that everyone’s always suspected about the back-end operation of the restaurants will be borne out by observation. The fact that McD’s is even taking a chance, allowing any maybes, is a good sign, and we look forward to reading the blogs (launching 6/20) and deciding for ourselves. In the meantime, we’re…not going to be eating at McDonald’s - sorry.

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[Photo: Nutritional information, McDonald’s]


McD’s Contracting Mothers To Blog About Restaurant Quality