Making A List: SF Mag’s Once-A-Week Comfort Foods

In the SFC, summer means frigid fog, Giants losses, street festivals, funnel cakes at IHOP and … “Best of” lists!

We already hit on SF Weekly’s list earlier this month; here’s San Francisco Magazine’s list of the best comfort foods that are only offered once a week in their respective restaurants, with SF Mag’s descriptions.

Monday: meatballs at A16: “beautifully executed Italian classics with deep, mellow flavor. Paired with a good glass of red, they make Monday blissful”

Tuesday: bouillabaisse at Mirepoix: “And that’s the fish they ladle out, along with mussels, clams, and a saffron aioli”

Wednesday: prix fixe at Dry Creek Kitchen: “a hump-day only Family BBQ Night features family-style platters—laden with tri tip, watercress salad, and peach pie”

Thursday: fried chicken at Magnolia: “fried chicken from free-range, sustainably raised local birds—with local, organic mashed potatoes and greens on the side”

Friday: cherry cookies at Tea Cake Bakery: “like good old-fashioned chocolate chip cookies that collided with Cherry Garcia”

Saturday: cherry cola baby back ribs at Home : “rich, sweet, slightly hot”

Sunday: green beans at Dino’s Pizza: “Simmered slowly with white wine, garlic, olive oil, and stewed tomatoes and topped with tangy feta”

The Best of the Bay Area [San Francisco Magazine]

Making A List: SF Mag’s Once-A-Week Comfort Foods