Mad For Marzipan

We’ve heard that some people don’t like marzipan, but frankly, we’ve always found that hard to believe. What could be objectionable about the (to our mind, quite agreeable) concoction of sugar and ground almonds? Truly, we have no idea. One of the most enjoyable things about marzipan is the fact that it can so easily be shaped into facsimiles of various other foods. There is nothing that is not adorable about a potato made of marzipan. What’s that? Potatoes aren’t cute? Oh, really? Yeah. We know. Adorable.

Anyways, though we love shaped marzipan, our imagination was sadly limited to marzipan in the shape of fruits and veggies until we came across this excellent picture of the marzipan case at Mike’s Pastry.

Hot dogs! Egg sandwiches! Cheese sandwiches! Tomato sandwiches! Sugary treats masquerading as savory items! We were immediately enchanted. Further googling revealed that one can also buy marzipan in the shape of cheeseburgers, Swiss cheese, and sea urchins! Our world has just been rocked.

If you have a hankering to be like Mike’s, we do believe we’ve fished out their supplier, which manufactures not only the hot dogs and sandwiches featured at the North End shop, but also challah bread twists and loaves. Warning: they may be delicious, but they’re no good for french toast.

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[Photo: Flickr: Kristen Lou]

Mad For Marzipan