Jell-O? Hell No!

We’ve always had an unusually strong aversion to Jell-O. It’s the wiggling. So creepy. We realize, however, that we’re in the minority on this issue and that for most people, Jell-O is a cherished childhood food memory. That’s fine. We’re not entirely infallible on matters of the stomach. Just mostly.

We are willing to speculate that even the most devoted Jell-O enthusiast, however, would be hard pressed to defend celery-flavored Jell-O. This dastardly creation was introduced by Jell-O in the 1960s to be used in salads. Disgrossting!

This celery Jell-O business started us thinking. What other gross flavors of Jell-O have tried and failed to succeed in the marketplace? A quick glance at Wikipedia revealed that not only can one currently purchase egg custard flavored Jell-O pudding, but Jell-O has unsuccessfully tried to peddle gelatin in flavors like mixed vegetable, seasoned tomato, and our personal favorite, “Italian.” Our curiosity piqued, we next headed to Flickr, to see whether we could see any of this in action. We cannot recommend doing a search for “gross jello” nearly enough. The winner? This stunning shot of a lime Jell-O creation stuffed with ham, celery, and pimento olives. Just think of it as your diet aid for the day.

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[Photo: Flickr: janespeed27]


Jell-O? Hell No!