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Insieme Just Misses; One Big Up and One ‘Eh’ for P*ONG

Insieme’s bid for a third star went about the same way as Anthos’: two stars from Platt, then two stars from Bruni. [NYT]
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Randall Lane gives five of Time Out New York’s six stars to P*ONG. It’s the first major review the place has gotten, and more than enough to make up for getting dissed by the Sun. [TONY]

Paul Adams, in the Sun, finds Pichet Ong’s creations irritatingly twee and precious, except for the desserts upon which the chef’s reputation is built. Adams puts his finger on the problem: “The same creativity that in the earlier courses gives rise to confusing, unsatisfying combinations is more successful when the unifying power of sugar is involved.” [NYS]

Robert Sietsema is the first major critic to praise Soto as being one of the city’s best sushi restaurants – and he calls attention to a $56 omakase meal that we’ve heard so much buzz about. [VV]

The Times lavishes some praise on Dean’s Pizza, a new midtown outpost of the Angelis family (Nick’s, Adrienne’s Pizza Bar), calling out its especially fine grandma pie. [NYT]

The New Yorker checks out Park Slope’s Palo Santo and is taken with the food, the room, and the chef – an unexpected critical windfall for a neighborhood restaurant. [NYer]

Insieme Just Misses; One Big Up and One ‘Eh’ for P*ONG