Imbibing: Pinots Noirs @ Park Grill

Okay, so the weather is beautiful and Park Grill is hosting a Pinot Noir tasting tonight from 5:30pm to 7:30pm;

for $35 inclusive, those with reservations will be able to sample wines from top Pinot Noir growing areas like Burgundy, California and Oregon. Not you, though, because it’s already booked! Normally, we don’t write about booked events, but we have something we want to discuss: the pluralization of Pinot Noir. Obviously, we’ve already expressed our opinion in the title of this post. Google tells us that “Pinot Noirs” has the edge over “Pinots Noirs” by a huge margin (195k to 17k, or 11.5:1), a ratio that we think mirrors Internet-wide idiocy rates. Actually, that’s not fair. Unlike “Attorneys General” or “Whoppers Junior,” Pinot Noir is a French term, and when it’s pluralized, the adjective “Noir” (black or dark) has to agree with the noun “Pinot,” leaving us with the correct “Pinots Noirs.” (Incidentally, the number of earnest “Pinots Noir” hits on Google is an insignificant 1170.) Park Grill got it wrong, but obviously that didn’t stop patrons from booking solid the tasting. Still, we can at least feel smug in our grammatical superiority, can’t we?

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[Photo: Les Pinots Noirs sont arrivés! le Blog du Domaine SAUVAT]


Imbibing: Pinots Noirs @ Park Grill