How To Drink When You’re Not Drinking

The most recent issue of San Francisco Magazine lists the five best faux-cocktails (that is, non-alcoholic concoctions). With the advent of the cocktail age, mocktails have become an excellent option for non-drinkers. So, whether you’re pregnant or stopping by AA, we recommend you consider the following experiments in liquid. These ain’t Shirley Temples.

• African Lemonade at Frisson: African amber rooibos tea + lemongrass = an Arnold Palmer with an African twist (a Tiger Woods?)

• Apple Pilar at Jardiniere: Ginger beer, mint and apple make for a spicy-sweet combo.

• Himalayan Raw-volution at Millennium: Kombucha tea is the new green tea.

• Limeade at Rye: English cucumber, cane sugar, lime, and tonic make for a refreshing potable.

• Tom Friel at Slide: All the non-alcoholic drinks at Slide are named after Elliot Ness’s crime-fighting team. Now you know.

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How To Drink When You’re Not Drinking