Gridskipper Presents ‘The SF Diet’ … Kinda.

If you’re a regular reader around these parts (both of you), you know that we hold a certain fondness for Gridskipper. It’s a fabulous website that combines two of our favorite things: lists and maps. Throw in travel and some food/drinks and you’ve got a wildly entertaining little site.

But we have to admit, we were a bit perplexed when G’Skip came out with the “San Francisco Diet” list. To be sure, there are some fine institutions. Greens Restaurant is a San Francisco staple and vegeterian cuisine trailblazer. Arizmendi Bakery Cooperative and Tommy’s Joynt are both excellent options as well for someone looking for a San Francisco experience. With that said, however, there are some gross absences regarding “where the natives graze.”

Our list of additions, coming up:

Taqueria San Jose: The thing is, the neighborhood taqueria is to San Francisco as the neighborhood pizza joint is to New York. While there are the superstar places (La Taqueria , Taqueria Cancun), every city native has their own standby, just sitting there, convenient and cheap.

Yellow Submarine: Maybe it the abundance of standout bread, but Bay Area sandwiches are unlike any others. From Dutch crunch to sourdough, bread is god in SF. At the Yellow Sub, they warm the fresh bread with meat and cheese prior to finishing it off with secret sauce and other goodness.

Java House: You won’t find any tourists at the bayside burger/hot dog/beer outpost that has barely changed in anyone’s lifetime.

Globe: We could really put a host of midscale “Californian” restaurants in this place (Zuni Cafe, Nopa), because that’s the arena where San Francisco really thrives. Globe is one of the few “nice” places that is open late and it’s been around for a good while. Besides, Joseph Manzare is like the Mario Batali of SF.

The SF Diet [Gridskipper]

Gridskipper Presents ‘The SF Diet’ … Kinda.