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Gramercy Keeps Its Third Star; Randall Lane Trips But Likes Insieme Anyway

Frank Bruni joins Adam Platt in giving Gramercy Tavern three stars, validating the efforts of new chef Michael Anthony and the usual Danny Meyer service level. [NYT]
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Time Out’s Randall Lane likes Insieme a lot, to the tune of four (out of six) stars. Though he praises the food as most reviewers have, he also agrees with them that although it was beautifully executed, it didn’t make him swoon. Also, he tripped on the step coming in. [TONY]

The Sun’s Paul Adams comes down on Landmarc, “less a dining destination and more a hearty refueling station for ravenous shoppers and tourists.” But it’s affordable and competent, and what else do you want in a mall restaurant? [NYS]
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Lauren Collins, like everybody else, loves the lobster roll at Ed’s Lobster Bar but wonders in The New Yorker if the ridiculously noisy and crowded room really has to be that way. [NYer]

Likewise Ryan Sutton admits that the gelato is stellar at Grom but is nonplussed at waiting half an hour and paying just under $5 for “a tiny scoop.” [Bloomberg]
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Steve Cuozzo doesn’t like the Las Vegas versions of New York restaurants. Except when he does. Actually, it’s hard to say. [NYP]

Crain’s hits the Upper West Side’s Turkuaz, and critic Bob Lape loves everything about the place, especially its awesome Sunday brunch. [Crain’s NY]

Gramercy Keeps Its Third Star; Randall Lane Trips But Likes Insieme Anyway