City Backs Down on Calorie-Info Law; Gordon Ramsay Accused of TV Fakery

The city, stared down by the adamant opposition of big restaurant chains, has pushed back implementation of its calorie-info law for three months. [NYP]

The former manager of Dillons, the midtown restaurant to be “rescued” by Gordon Ramsay on his new show, is suing the chef, claiming the program was “a prime example of fake TV” with planted customers, rotten meat put out for dramatic effect, and worse. [NYP]

The city’s best hamburgers are all the product of one great butcher, Pat LaFrieda, whose custom grinds, though secret, are geared to each restaurant’s cooking methods. [Men’s Vogue]

Pastry chefs (you know the type) are breaking out on their own and opening up places that serve whatever kind of savory creations they feel like. [NYT]

Seamus Mullen’s ordeal was worse than you can imagine, leading the chef to beg at one point for a knife with which to cut off his own leg. [NYP]
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Yuji Wakiya, the Japanese chef behind Ian Schrager’s haute Chinese restaurant Wakiya, will be unleashing some major pepper on the city, partly in the form of a dish called “fiery pepper hunt.” [NYT]

Marcus Samuelsson will open Merkato, a Pan-African restaurant in the old Sascha space,
in mid-September; Danny Emerman and Anthony Briatico’s new meatpacking wine bar, Zampa, is open but is a month away from a liquor license. [NYT]
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Rachael Ray visited Washington Square Park’s dosa man, and you can see the encounter tonight at 11:30. [Eat for Victory/VV]

City Backs Down on Calorie-Info Law; Gordon Ramsay Accused of TV Fakery