Celebrating A Luncheonette

Over in the Inquirer, there’s a nice little eulogy for the Wynnewood Pharmacy. One of the last old-fashioned pharmacy lunch counters in the Philly suburbs, the Wynnewood is a bit of pre-war culture that survived into the new century:

The soda fountains behind them are original, made by the Fischman company of Philadelphia, their swan necks a graceful reminder of an era when the city was a manufacturing giant. All around, the walls and machines track time’s passage. An old ad touts Tab. A soda dispenser has a label for Lemon-Up.Here, you can still order an egg cream, the classic soda-fountain concoction that contains neither eggs nor cream. Grilled cheese with bacon? Coming right up. Sliced-egg sandwich? Sure. And you can have any kind of salad you want - as long as it’s tuna or chicken.Regulars come for the food, but not just for that. Though the lunch counter doesn’t possess anything that might pass for fine-dining ambiance, it abounds with friendliness.

The Wynnewood Pharmacy closes for good at 5pm today.

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[Photo via Jonathan Wilson / Inquirer]


Celebrating A Luncheonette