Bruce Willis: Not A Happy Eater

Action movie icon Bruce Willis cursed out a fan at Smith & Wollensky Tuesday… who wanted him to take a picture with her baby. The Daily News’ Dan Gross reports:

A thirtysomething local attorney who wishes to remain anonymous, dining at the steakhouse inside the Rittenhouse with her sports-agent husband and their son, said she waited to approach the actor, who was eating with friends, until he had finished his meal.With her 2-year-old son in her arms, she joked with the Jersey-raised actor that her son kept asking her if that was Bruce Willis across the room. “No he didn’t. No he f—ing didn’t,” Willis said, the mom tells us, to which she replied, “You’re his favorite actor, and he’d love to take a picture with you.”“He doesn’t know who the f— I am,” the actor said while “jumping up in a rage as though I had said he was the worst actor on Earth,” she told us yesterday.When the shocked mom told Willis she was only joking, the actor replied, “I don’t have a sense of humor anymore.”

Stay classy, Bruce. The actor was in Philadelphia as part of a press tour for “Live Free or Die Hard.”

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Bruce Willis: Not A Happy Eater