Breaking News: Coalfire Has Updated Its Menu!

Yes, readers, you’ve heard right - after six weeks of operations, Coalfire has reflected on their various successes and tweaked their menu a bit. DON’T WORRRY - they barely changed anything. But we’ll give you a rundown, for good measure.

Probably the most significant change is the elimination of five of the nine meat toppings. Ready for some specifics? You can skip this part if you don’t care, but hot fennel salami, sopressata, capicolla, meatballs, and peppered salami are no longer offered. Remaining strong are pepperoni, hot Calabrese salami, prosciutto, and Italian sausage. Maybe it was too many options for people, and the economics of offering nine meat toppings just didn’t pan out. The calzone lineup changed a little bit, too, although the basic cheese, veggie and meat options are pretty similar to their old incarnations. As for prices, nothing catastrophic: the pesto pizza went up a buck, and the prosciutto rose a whopping forty nine cents.

The change that we found most interesting is the use of fancier language in describing the pizzas and toppings. Consider, for example, the description of the White Pizza on the old menu (mozzarella, ricotta, romano, oregano, basil, black pepper, garlic olive oil) vs. the new menu (mozzarella, ricotta & romano cheeses, fresh basil, garlic infused olive oil, oregano, and fresh ground black pepper). None of the ingredients changed, but the cheeses are now demarcated, and three of the four other ingredients picked up swanky adjectives like “fresh,” “ground,” and “infused.” We think that this format is more appropriate to a restaurant of Coalfire’s calibre than a mere list of foodstuffs (even though we’re generally fans of literalism). Yup, movin’ on up to the West Side.

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Breaking News: Coalfire Has Updated Its Menu!