Boston Food For Non-Bostonians?

Chowhounders are talking about two recent articles about the state of Boston dining that appeared in, of all places, airline magazines. In the span of a few weeks, both Washington Post food critic Tom Sistema and Grub Street blogger Josh Ozersky published articles in airline magazines (Northwest’s WorldTraveler and the oddly jingoisticly-named American Way Magazine from American Airlines) discussing the best places to eat in the Hub. Sistema recommends Pops, Neptune Oyster and Rendezvous, while Ozersky talks to Ming Tsai and comes up with a host of suggestions including Forest Cafe, No Name Restaurant, Santarpio’s Pizza, Sapporo Ramen, and Neptune Oyster (hey!).

Those are all pretty reasonable suggestions (we always tell out-of-towners to go to Santarpio’s), but we think there are a few more places worthy of inclusion. First, we find it amazing that L’Espalier wasn’t mentioned on either list. The menu is quite locally inspired, and the setting (for another year, at least) is quintessential Boston. We would have also mentioned the justly famous Bartley’s Burger Cottage, one of the few restaurants left that speaks as much to Boston’s past as its future. Finally, although we’re not sure we want to let tourists in on the secret, Ten Tables is an excellent example of a new kind of Boston dining experience: intimate, seasonal, and neighborhood-oriented.

What about you? What restaurants do you recommend to visitors? Drop us a line or leave a comment and let us know!

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Boston Food For Non-Bostonians?