Blog Roundup: Italians? Arguing? What?

• Do you want to be a food snob? Are you aching for the proper vocabulary to describe a particularly jammy red wine? Do you find yourself aimlessly nodding and smiling when your more sophisticated pretentious co-worker uses the word “lusty” to describe a salad from Mixt Greens? Look no futher than David Kamp’s “The Food Snob’s Dictionary.” [Grub St]

• The Italians, never a people to bicker about inconsequential matters, are having a civil war about garlic. Former PM Silvio Berlusconi hates the stuff: “He considers garlic very dangerous for the environment, his personal environment.” Bravo Italia. [The Grinder]

• It was only a matter of time: choco-maps. [Gridskipper]

• Decanting, deconstructed. [An Obsession With Food]

• Tasty free range burgers abound in the East Bay. There’s a “we didn’t know burgers could walk” joke in here somewhere. [SFist]

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Blog Roundup: Italians? Arguing? What?