Blog Reviews: Week Of The Rise & Fall Of Daylight

Chicago’s intrepid food bloggers were all over the damn place last week, in alphabetical order by restaurant:

• Excellent, if occasionally uneven food at Avenue M, where the service is hip and impeccable [Olive & Mason]

• Unique and crusty pizza at Coalfire lives up to the considerable hype [Eat Chicago]

• A soft dinner (read: you’re not invited) at La Pomme Rouge shows off the sophisticated lounge’s sophisticated new American/new French smallish plate menu, which is still being perfected and readied for release [Stew]

• Even though Ole Lounge looks and feels like it’s more about style than substance, the tapas is actually some of the best around [Chicagoist]

• The mini-burger at Poag Mahone’s falls short of interesting, although it is at least in the realm of the edible. A little overpriced, too [Chicago Burger Project]

• Newly opened lounge Vice is a pretty good deal for some late night heavy snacking, or indulging your caviar tooth [Stew]

[Photo: earnshavian/flickr]


Blog Reviews: Week Of The Rise & Fall Of Daylight