Blog Reviews: Week Of Few Reviews

Chicago’s intrepid food bloggers were all over the damn place last week (not really), in alphabetical order by restaurant

In an unusual display of solidarity, barely anyone issued a restaurant review last week. We’re of two minds about that: the first is, wo to the underinformed restaurant-goers; and the second is, hurray, less work for us! Especially on a Monday morning - fuhgeddaboudit. Let’s do it:

• The sukiyaki at Chiyo is a tribute to the form; even if you cannot afford the market priced Wagyu from Japan, the Kobe (presumably from America) more than suffices. Novices will be helped along with the construction of their stews, and diners should feel free to order the delicious sushi and desserts, which are on par with the quality of the beef. [Skillet Doux]

• So after all that huffing and puffing about its certified organic status, how does the pizza flatbread at Crust really stack up? Most of the first reviews came out within a day or two of opening, but after a week, there are still a few kinks to work out. Everything may be fresh, but the salad dressing on the Caesar was bit boring, and some of the flatbreads were underseasoned. Cocktails are recommended, but what’s up with the wait to be seated while tables sit idle? The jury, it seems, is still out [Chicagoist]

Yup, that’s the lot of them. Maybe now that bloggers are out of their post-Memorial Day weekend haze, we’ll have a normal amount of reviews for next week. Either way.

[Photo: Raw beef at Chiyo]


Blog Reviews: Week Of Few Reviews