Blog Reviews: Week Of CTA Scaremongering

Chicago’s intrepid food bloggers were all over the damn place last week, in alphabetical order by restaurant (this week, more than two!)

• Rustic Italian Anteprima continues to charm neighbors and critics, who appreciate the restaurant’s sophisticated home cooking and festive atmosphere, for the most part [The Stew]

• No one does a fuller vegetarian menu than the Indian kitchen, and the veggie buffet at Arya Bhavan on Devon is an excellent introduction to the art [Drive-Thru]

• The longest opening day review of Crust to come out so far had high expectations for service and food quality, and they were met. Less so on the infused vodkas, which are a w.i.p. [Hungry Mag]

• As many of you know, Dodo started serving dinner last week. So far, pretty good (all the food was delicious except for the chicken, which brought down the average) - click through for revealing photos [Chicagoist]

• Traditional Mexican street food and appetizers at Maiz (also on California; see previous post), where taquitos are rolled and served with skill and love [Drive-Thru]

• Consider the possibility of an Italian deli as good as Gio’s but two thirds the price, and then it turns out it exists at Miceli’s Deli, a few blocks away in the Heart of Chicago [Chicagoist]

• If you buy into the mythology of Moody’s Pub, their decent, overcooked burgers can taste delicious. Plus, $9 pitchers of Anchor Steam help anything go down [Chicago Burger Project]

• Family-run Mexican-American spot Panes is great for sandwiches, but even better for simple, delicious comfort food [Chicagoist]

• Whoa! A little backlash against critical darling Vella Cafe, which ran out of all their good food and was serving bland alternatives on the day of this review. Gotta stay consistent! [Chicagoist]

[Photo: Yellow line no longer, CTA]


Blog Reviews: Week Of CTA Scaremongering