Amuse Bouche: Craving Choucroute Garnie

As regular readers of this blog have probably gleaned by this point, we are unapologetically fond of meat. More specifically, we are thoroughly devoted to pork. Who would have thought that just one delicious meat could simultaneously prevent us from being vegetarian, kosher and halal? Truly, the mind boggles. Anyways. In an ideal world, we like to eat as much pork in as many varieties as possible in one sitting, because, you know, gluttony is how we roll. If you, like us, are a pork fanatic, odds are that you too will fall deeply in love with the Alsatian dish known as choucroute garnie.

Choucroute garnie is, essentially, a plate piled with good hot sauerkraut, potatoes, and several types of pork products. There is sausage! Three kinds, in fact. There is bacon! There are ham hocks! There is smoked or boiled ham! There are sometimes ribs! There can even be hot dogs, if you so fancy! We cannot use enough exclamation points to emphasize the true and intense awesomeness of the finished product, which is traditionally served with Riesling and a variety of mustards.

From what we can tell, Brasserie Jo and Sandrine’s Bistro are the only restaurants in the area offering authentic choucroute garnie, so might we suggest using one of these excellent recipes and making it at home? Your tummy will thank you. Unless, of course, you happen to be vegetarian, kosher, or halal.

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[Photo: Global Gourmet]

Amuse Bouche: Craving Choucroute Garnie