New York Rated Top BBQ City in the U.S.; Kobayashi Making Bookies Skittish

New York is listed as the No. 1 destination for BBQ in the U.S.(Memphis, in case you were wondering, was No. 10.) [BizJournal]

World-champion competitive eater Joey Chestnut isn’t buying talk of Takeru Kobayashi being hurt: The Tsunami “could come to the Fourth of July with his jaws wired shut, and I’m sure he could still do all right; he’s that good of an eater.” [NYT]
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The odds-makers, though, aren’t as confident about a crippled Kobayashi, and the board shows it. [McBrooklyn]

One hundred and eighty former and current Sparks waiters are about to file a class-action lawsuit against the meatery for illegal tip-pooling. [NYP]

The forthcoming GourMets cookbook will feature recipes like right fielder Shawn Green’s matzo-ball soup, catcher Paul Lo Duca’s pasta with zucchini and Parmesan, and G.M. Omar Minaya’s roast pork with garlic mashed potatoes. [NYDN]

Krispy Kreme, as it announced earlier this year, is introducing a multigrain doughnut, but don’t worry – there will be plenty of molasses and brown sugar. [Nation’s Restaurant News]

Anthos’s Michael Psilakis’s last meal would start out with truffled egg salad and caviar but quickly progress to whole spitted animals. [Eat for Victory/VV]

Top Chef’s Sandee thinks the judges that voted her off got it all wrong. [Reality Wanted]
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New York Rated Top BBQ City in the U.S.; Kobayashi Making Bookies Skittish