‘Wichcraft Awarded Top NYC Honors; Shake Shack Defended

Regional-food gurus Jane and Michael Stern say that their favorite New York sandwich is … the bacon, egg, and gorgonzola from ‘wichcraft. [NYDN]

One of New York’s top burger experts evaluates Steve Cuozzo’s takedown of Shake Shack in the Post, taking issue with key points in the article. [AHT]

Chef Michael Schulson is said, in an unconfirmed report, to be leaving Buddakan. [Eater]

Scott Conant’s first gig after Alto and L’Impero, a casual consulting gig at Sag Harbor’s Tutto Il Giorno, is producing characteristic Conant cooking. [RG]
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A fight broke out in Bridgehampton’s Alison when a waiter head butted the hostess to the floor during “the height of the dinner rush,” and another waiter had to spring to her defense. [NYP]

The glorious worker’s revolution continues in Philadelphia, where illegal immigrants who cleaned up at the Hard Rock Café, the House of Blues, and Planet Hollywood are suing their employer, a janitorial company, for unpaid wages. [Courier-Post]

Happy hour lives! The MTA relents on its threat to ban the cocktail car from commuter trains. [NYT]

‘Wichcraft Awarded Top NYC Honors; Shake Shack Defended