Weekend Recap: Popcorn, Anyone?

Here’s what you missed this weekend while you explained to your children what Handy Manny was doing

• Strawberries abound in the Bay Area! [Chowhound]

U.N. researchers said that ” a large-scale shift to organic agriculture” could actually help the poor AND improve the environment. No word on whether the lines at Whole Foods will decrease. [AP News Wire]

• California is trying to ban diacetyl from butter-flavored popcorn, as it may be linked to obstructive lung disease. [The Washington Post]

• The New York Health Department finally found a way to get back all the money they lost after putting all their stock in Enron and the laserdisc fad a couple years back. [NY Post]

• Not even Poland is safe from those creepy Burger King commercials. [PMR]

Weekend Recap: Popcorn, Anyone?