Weekend Recap: All That (Chinese) Jazz

Here’s what you missed this weekend …
• A “markedly” improved Shanghai 1930 was the site of Michael Bauer’s weekly weekend review, and the jazzy Chinese restaurant earned itself three bright shiny stars. [SFGate]

• Tuna in a can is the new seared tuna. [SFGate]

• It’s okra season in the Bay, which we be a bigger deal if there were more Ethiopian and/or soul food restaurants in the area. For now, Town Hall and its southern-slanted menu might be your best bet to discover the wonders of the plant that is technically in the cotton family. [SFGate]

• Al pastor tacos made on the vertical spit are more common than you might think. [Chowhound]

• The FDA has ruled that melamine-tainted poultry and fish are OK(ish) to eat, but ferret food was ruled to be dangerous. Really. [CNN]

• Haute Greek is the newest restaurant trend in New York, so look for fancy new Greek places in Hayes Valley sometime in early 2008. [NY Post]

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Weekend Recap: All That (Chinese) Jazz