Viewing Pleasure: What’s Black And White And Under $20?

Consider the following possible meal:

Course one: Mejillones En Salsa Verde (mussels in a white wine and cream sauce, $9.95) @ Arco de Cuchilleros

Course two: Marche Profiteroles (warm cream puff, vanilla bean ice cream, warm chocolate sauce, $9) @ Marche

Listen up - we don’t care that it’s hot out. We don’t care that you’re on a diet. We don’t care that you don’t like monochromatic foods. Why don’t we care about any of these things? It’s not just because we’re misanthropic; staring at these two dishes has rendered us utterly senseless. What a beautiful symmetry between the two: the black of the mussel shell against the hot, creamy white broth, juxtaposed against the chocolate sauce slowly engulfing the ethereally beautiful vanilla sauce, powdered sugar and cream. Given the physical distance between the restaurants, this pairing is profoundly impractical. Nevertheless, in the diningroom of our mind, these dishes are being served to us, consecutively, by waiters in (black and white) tuxedos.

Now back to your regularly scheduled pea shoots and dandelions.

Arco de Cuchilleros [MenuPages]

Marche [MenuPages]
Marche [Official Site]

[Photo 1: Zesmerelda/flickr]

[Photo 2: swanksalot/flickr]


Viewing Pleasure: What’s Black And White And Under $20?