Viewing Pleasure: Matcha Parfait @ Green Leaf, Mitsuwa Marketplace

Are you plotzing? This matcha parfait was expertly crafted by the master artisans of Green Leaf, in the food court of Mitsuwa Marketplace in Arlington Heights. As a food connoisseur and sophisticate-about-town, you are already familiar with the Mitsuwa brand, so we will not bore you with glowing accounts of their various culinary wares. Suffice it to say, this parfait ($3.60) would be an excellent denouement to an afternoon of stocking up on your various pickles and Shiseido products. The direct line to Green Leaf is (847) 228-5435, but call only if you’re prepared to be very patient, or are fluent in Japanese.

But just look at the layering of the matcha and yogurt, the perfect spiral of green tea soft serve (whose grooves are filled with matcha syrup), the unexpected textures of red bean and ginger, and the two beautiful palmiers to complete the dish. A testament to Japanese dessert engineering. For this wonderment, $3.60 is almost criminally cheap. And the photographer even reports that it tastes good!

Mitsuwa Marketplace [Official Site]

[Photo: ebi debi/flickr]


Viewing Pleasure: Matcha Parfait @ Green Leaf, Mitsuwa Marketplace