Chodorow and Tom Valenti Team Up; Rum Renaissance

Jeffrey Chodorow is opening a restaurant with Tom Valenti right next to his new restaurant with Zak Pelaccio; also, a new Rickshaw will open in the Village. [Eater]
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We’re in the middle of a rum renaissance, with “heavy, thick and funky” British varieties and “smooth and sugary” Spanish-Caribbean ones. [NYDN]

Jay-Z’s 40/40 Club defends itself against charges of unfair labor practices: “Everyone makes the minimum wage at the club.” [NYDN]

Joël Robuchon is knocking out Hong Kong businessmen with the high-powered breakfasts at his latest Atelier. It can’t be long before this comes to New York. [Asia Sentinel]

Cultural and linguistic barriers between the U.S. and Japan manifest themselves at Union Square Café in Tokyo, where the chefs weigh a pinch of salt, and the name of one popular dish translates to “Tailgating With Peas and Prostitutes.” [Food and Wine]

Cecel Crepe Cafe’s fusion creations are pretty good, but way expensive given how little food you get. [Eat for Victory/VV]
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Chodorow and Tom Valenti Team Up; Rum Renaissance