Three Considerations For Friday Afternoon

1) As you all know, it is, by definition, Cinco de Mayo tomorrow. Rather than suffering through the tedium and recapitulation immanent to creating our own list, we will provide you with a list of other peoples’ lists: Metromix, Sun-Times, Zagat, Chowhound (suburbs!)

2) The Food Marketing Institute Show commences this Sunday at the McCormick Center. If we are to believe the hype, it’s “everything in food marketing, plus the latest in technology, bursting with innovative ideas, all under one roof.” We will cover the show in depth next week, but today’s Sun-Times previewed some of the flashier new inventions and trends that we should expect to see in ‘08, including corn-based biodegradable packaging (corn can do everything), and fortified beverages (think protein in your water and vitamins in your soda. Sigh)

3) It’s our birthday today, and we were thinking, how can we monetize that? Being lazy, we settled on the first viable option we found: the Chicago Diner in Wrigleyville is offering a free vegan dessert or shake on any day in the two week period surrounding your birthday. What’s great about vegan desserts is they are at least as savory as they are sweet - so much umami!

That’s all for this week - see you next time on the New Adventures Of MP:C


Three Considerations For Friday Afternoon