The NRA Show, Revisited (By Other People)

For your convenience, we’ve compiled and annotated a list of blog posts about the National Restaurant Association show, which wraps up tomorrow. Prepare yourself - it’s mostly The Stew, but we’ll start out with the Chicagoist:

• Chuck Sudo had a fun time sampling the goods and soaking in the enormity of the Show, and attended some seminars on the slow adaptation of sustainable agricultural products by the restaurant industry and American consciousness [Chicagoist]

• Judy Hevrdejs and Kevin Pang introduce what will prove to be The Stew’s voluminous coverage on the show, what with all the new foods and famous chefs. [The Stew]

• Mr. Pang picked his five favorite new food products at the show, including “extreme” lobster bisque and wagyu in ponzu sauce. What’s not to like? [The Stew]

• Kevin on Paul Prudhomme, the famous New Orleans chef, who’s bullish on his city’s recovery, culinarily and otherwise [The Stew]

• Monica Eng ran the NRA’s 27th annual 10k race, and they ran out of food for the participants! [The Stew]

• Ms. Eng listed ten things she learned at the show, the most compelling of which is specially designed plastic bags to minimize takeout spillage. Material science! [The Stew]

• One more thing from Monica - nicotine water. You know, like nicotine gum. Why didn’t we think of that? [The Stew]

• Judy Hevrdejs reports on new food trends. In: caffeine, mini desserts, locally grown produce, exotic fungi and minerals. Out: low carb, foams, and kiwi, for some reason. Why? We like kiwi! [The Stew]

[Photo: remember how we said there’d be ice sculpting? Neato! - NRA Show Digital Pressroom]


The NRA Show, Revisited (By Other People)