Spotted Pig Sister Restaurant Will Be Next to Del Posto

Ken Friedman’s new place will be adjacent to Del Posto at 85 Tenth Avenue. Friedman reiterates his intention not to call it the Spotted Pig though: “Maybe I’ll name it after another animal,” he says. [NYP]
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The presence of Edison lightbulbs, with their thick, visible incandescent filaments, has become a trope for progressive restaurants that want to show their rootedness in past values. [Gawker]

Gordon Ramsay is unfazed by the beating he’s taken in New York and intends to push ahead with his plans for expansion elsewhere in the U.S.[Bloomberg]

L.A.’s Pizzeria Mozza is more New York than L.A., but the city seems to have proved itself worthy of it, at least to Mario Batali. [Diner’s Journal/NYT]

O.J. Simpson is thrown out of a restaurant in Kentucky, and his lawyer is playing the race card, threatening to get the place’s liquor license revoked. [Chicago Sun-Times]

Op-ed: The government will be allowing food-stamp recipients to buy healthy local products at farmer’s markets, but the current setup will only benefit supermarkets and big agriculture. [NYT]

Cooking students and industry types weigh in on the recent Times story about the prohibitive costs of cooking school: “[Cooking] is only cool if you bust your ass 70 hours a week and make a name for yourself. Sometimes not even then.” [Serious Eats]

Spotted Pig Sister Restaurant Will Be Next to Del Posto