Slow Food Movement Inching Towards The Bay

Yesterday, with Alice Waters by his side, slow food pioneer Carlo Petrini announced plans to undertake “a World’s Fair of food” sometime in 2008:

The challenge, the game, truly begins here in America,” said Petrini, the Italian founder of the “slow food” movement that emphasizes a return to regional traditions and home cooking from local, sustainably grown ingredients. “The country which invented fast food can propose slow food.”Petrini, who spoke through an interpreter, and Alice Waters, doyenne of California cuisine, were in San Francisco at the waterfront vegetarian restaurant, Greens, to announce Slow Food Nation, a four-day event planned next May in San Francisco. The event, which Waters compared to a World’s Fair, will include taste workshops, a food film festival, a sustainable fish barge, a demonstration school garden and world food stands.

Waters added that they are trying to capitalize on the current interest diners are showing in their food’s origins and sustainability. Even Gavin Newsom gave the proposed fair a hearty thumbs-up, especially since he has “every intention” of still being the mayor next year.

As for Petrini, he continues to gain support for his slow food revolution, which interestingly enough, was born after a McDonald’s opened in Rome. Petrini is in the midst of his “Slow Food Nation” book tour, which stresses the basic tenet of the movement: “the idea that food should be good, clean and tasty.”

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Slow Food Movement Inching Towards The Bay