Ruhlman Blasts Beards; Waverly Inn Impedes Ambulances

Michael Ruhlman blasts the Beards in his blog, questioning the organization’s whole purpose: “I’d like to know exactly what it is they intend to do, beyond give themselves an expensive party once a year.” [Ruhlman]

Yum Brands, owner of the E. coli–ridden Taco Bell and the rat-infested Taco Bell–KFC, is making all kinds of money despite two PR disasters in one year. [International Herald-Tribune]

A St. Vincent’s Hospital–bound ambulance was delayed, and not for the first time, by the congestion in front of the Waverly Inn, as “drivers for wealthy patrons slowly inched their limos out of the way.” [NYP]

The Boston Globe’s restaurant critic retires after fifteen years and writes about the tribulations of a job in which “everyone knows you and no one knows you.” [Boston Globe via Serious Eats]

Cornell University is doing a survey on restaurant regulations, and everyone who eats out in New York is invited to take part. [Diner’s Journal/NYT]

D’Artagnan’s Duckathalon this Sunday pits chefs from some of the city’s top restaurants against each other in culinary contests and gag events like rubber-duck races. [Eat for Victory/VV]

Ruhlman Blasts Beards; Waverly Inn Impedes Ambulances