Road Trip: Newport

Memorial Day weekend (and, accordingly, summer) are right around the corner. In the spirit of the season, we’ll be featuring reports on the restaurants of popular weekend getaways all week.

Three awesome things about Newport, Rhode Island:

•Its nicknames include “Queen of Summer Resorts” (like it won a damn pageant) and “America’s Society Capital.”
•According to the town’s Wikipedia entry: “So many pirates used Newport as their base of operations that the London Board of Trade made an official complaint to the English government. The most famous pirate who made Newport his base was Thomas Tew. Tew was very popular with the locals, after one of his pirating voyages, it was reported that almost the whole town came out to greet him.” (In related news: have you heard about the new pirate movie? It’s rated AARR!)
•Until 1900, Newport was the capital of Rhode Island half the time, sharing the distinction with Providence. File that one under “things that can only be done in tiny states.”

Not only does Newport have a bizarre and excellent history, but, between the beaches and The Breakers, its one of the most beautiful towns in New England. The food isn’t half bad either. Below, a selection of some of Newport’s finest dining destinations.

Tucker’s Bistro (150 Broadway, (401) 846-3449): The website for Tucker’s Bistro promises that upon entering, you will be transported to a 1930s Paris bistro. Not too shabby for a trip of less than two hours from the Hub.
Black Pearl (30 Bannister’s Wharf, (401) 846-5264): The prices are a little extravagant, but the Black Pearl does have the best chowder in a chowder-crazy town.
The White Horse Tavern (25 Marlborough St, (401) 849-3600): Want some history with your lobster roll? Head on down to The White Horse Tavern which has been continuously operating for well over three hundred years. Word to the wise: the pub menu is significantly cheaper than that of the main dining room.
22 Bowen’s (22 Bowen’s Wharf, (401) 841-8884): 22 Bowen’s may call itself a steakhouse, but the real attraction is its lobster rolls, which come packed to the brim with the good stuff.
Salvation Cafe (140 Broadway, (401) 847-2620): Probably the least stuffy restaurant in Newport, Salvation Cafe is worth a trip for the manchego and bacon burger alone. We would like to meet the evil genius who came up with such a concoction, and we would like to shake his or her hand.

Road Trip: Newport