Review Revue: Tribune Does A Hodgepodge

The Tribune is unusually brief - there’s no lead review, and the Cheap Eats is in Glenview, so no help there.

Monica Eng is on top of where diners should stow their bags when out to eat - one of the burning issues of our time, to be sure. She eliminates the back of the chair (thieves!) and the floor (roaches!) in short order, and no one likes keeping a purse on the lap. Luckily, Eng finds that a growing number of restaurants (Republic, Butter, and Avec, to name a few) are using little hooks under their tables and beneath where accessories can be hung, out of the reach of criminals and vermin.

Vella Cafe gets the Tablehopping treatment, where the paninis are fresh and delicious, if occasionally lacking a bit of TLC from the kitchen.

Finally (already?), Susan Taylor compares Thai green curries around town, loving offerings from Thai Pastry and Sticky Rice, but not caring for a version she had in Skokie (serves her right for going to Skokie).


Review Revue: Tribune Does A Hodgepodge