Review Revue: TOC @ Alhambra, The Silver Palm, 75th Street

TOC echoes the emerging general sentiment on Alhambra Palace, which is that the space is amazing, but the food’s nothing special. Competent but tremendously boring and average pretty much sums up David Tamarkin’s reaction to the cuisine, whose blandness is especially stark next to the grandiosity of the restaurant itself. Problems are clearly afoot: Chef Eric Aubriot’s abrupt departure is something of a mystery, and a story to which we’re paying close attention.

Moving right along, Heather Shouse has a short piece on Crust, the Midwest’s first certified organic restaurant, which opens today. And it’s a pizza place! Stay tuned for the menu, which goes live on MP tomorrow (no joke).

Meanwhile, the Silver Palm, a train car restaurant (literally) at the megasection of Milwaukee, Ogden and Chicago, is losing patrons because of some nearby construction. Don’t be among the easily cowed!

Chef Dirk Flanigan of The Gage, profiled in this week’s hot seat, loves making his own sausages, eating at Coco Pazzo, and listening to Queens of the Stone Age (fine by us).

Taste Quest goes on an epic journey across 75th street, from Wabash to Cottage. Little did we know just how much delicious grub resides on that mile-long strip: everything from Army & Lou’s to Cafe Trinidad to Soul Veg East and Lem’s (even though those last two won’t give us their menus, we love them anyway). Get in the car and make it happen (honestly, not worth it on public transit).

[Photo: Lem’s/agilitynut/flickr | Silver Palm/Dixon Steele/flickr]


Review Revue: TOC @ Alhambra, The Silver Palm, 75th Street