The Week In (User) Reviews

Every Friday, we provide you with the best–and the worst–user reviews from the week. The following reviews are real, valid, submitted, unedited (except where marked) reviews from our various sites.

Here at MenuPages, we allow–or rather, encourage–our users to rate the fine restaurants of San Francisco. In addition to a written section of the review, there are four arenas upon which our restaurants are graded: food, service, value and atmosphere. Of those four criteria, the one most neglected by reviewers is probably atmosphere, so this week, we salute those of you who enlisted creative means to decry a restaurant’s aesthetic shortcomings.

Get ambianced, after the jump.

Some people don’t like the smell of diapers whilst dining:

Can you believe a restaurant would allow a customer to change their baby”s nappies in the middle of the cafe?

While others find ways to describe a dreary atmosphere:

As far as the atmosphere, I saw single guys eating alone.

Our winner this week, though, is someone who takes a proactive approach. Her suggestion to the subpar ambience: just install a babbling brook. No biggie. Problem solved:

As a suggestion to the owners – throw some trees or plants into the scene, even if they’re fake. It really needs it. It’s so dark in there, nobody would even know if they’re not real. Also some babbling brooks of water, or streams (maybe even with simming fish) would go a long way to help elevate the overall feel and ambiance. Water can do wonders. It’s way too dark and dry looking.
The Week In (User) Reviews