Philadelphia’s Best Diners

Gridskipper recently ran their list of Philadelphia’s best diners, with ten picks from throughout the city (Disclosure: The editor of this blog also writes for Gridskipper). There are some quality picks, including the Down Home Diner, Little Pete’s (where the 24-hour coffee refills get props) and, of course, the Melrose Diner. However, we’d have to quibble with the inclusion of the Marathon Grill as a diner—to us, it’s always seemed to lack the breadth of menu and early/late hours one would expect from the genre. To their list, we’d like to add two diners to the list of iconic Philly disco fries & cheeseburger deluxe spots:

• South Philly’s Oregon Diner is as Philadelphian as restaurants get. Late, late hours and a crowd that, at a recent visit, included both priests and face-painted Eagles fans.

• The Oak Lane Diner is one of the last things you see on Broad Street before North Philadelphia suddenly jolts into the Montgomery County suburbs. Not only does the diner have a great atmosphere, but their breakfasts are some of the best car-friendly eats in the city before preparing for the chain restaurant profusion of the Philly suburbs.

Down Home Diner [MenuPages]
Down Home Diner [Official Site]
Little Pete’s [MenuPages]
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[Photo via Mr. LeMaster @ Flickr]

Philadelphia’s Best Diners