Opening: Côtes Du Rhone

Yeah, we know that Côtes du Rhone Bistro did not just open, but a lot of people have been talking about it, and without a menu online, what’s the point of even bothering with serious analysis? Anyway, now you can contextualize all the chatter (some good, more bad, most ambivalent) because you know that their escargot costs $7, their cassoulet, $17, and their rack of lamb, $27 (alas, nothing costs $37 to complete the series). It is a very standard bistro menu, albeit maybe with more fish than usual (then again, côtes does mean coast); hopefully they will iron out the kinks everyone’s been complaining about so they can take their place as a consistent and reliable neighborhood spot. By the way, given how closely associated “Cotês Du Rhone” is with wine, it’s a pretty ballsy move to go BYOB. Hmm, we wonder what kind of wine we should bring…

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[Photo: Richard James/Wine words]


Opening: Côtes Du Rhone