Opening: Amphora, Am-againsta

Apologies for the wordplay, and for not bringing you the details of Amphora sooner. You may recall that the Reader previewed the restaurant last Friday, and at that time, we were deeply ignorant to the mere existence of the restaurant. Well, fast forward a few days and suddenly we have their menu online. Ah, technology - time was when it would have taken three weeks by stagecoach for news of Amphora’s opening to reach our ear, and a thousand monks penning a thousand illuminated manuscripts to render the menu for us. Yes, we’re thinking historically (albeit in a really anachronistic manner), because the restaurant’s name references a common storage vessel from ancient Greek times.

Amphora’s food, however, has been modified for the modern Chicago palate, what with an assortment of flatbreads (the vegetarian Athenian has babbaganush, bell peppers, tomato, onion, feta and extra virgin olive oil for $8), salads (running the gambit from Caesar to Caprese to Tabouleh to Greek), and a variety of small and large plates. We are particularly intrigued by their Seven Seas Soup, which changes daily and runs $18. Must be a hell of a soup! Amphora offers a variety of seafood dishes like pan seared scallops (served with red bell pepper coulis and seasonal vegetables for $18), but we’re utterly charmed by their Shrimp Dijonghe small plate (baked shrimp in a white wine and garlic butter crust accompanied with a spring mix), a dish that owes its existence more to Lake Michigan culture than Mediterranean.

But possibly the best part about Amphora, especially for Rogers Park residents, is its late night menu. Where else in the neighborhood can you get a trio of Mediterranean bruschettas or baccala cod cakes at 12:45 at night? Exactly. So, a big Καλώς Ήρθατε to Chicago, Amphora; we’re happy to have you.

Amphora [MenuPages]
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Opening: Amphora, Am-againsta