Oh Snap, It’s Mother’s Day

First, our birthday, then Cinco de Mayo, now Mother’s Day. When will these damn holidays end! Before you know it, we’ll be talking about Memorial Day barbecues and D-Day fondue parties. Well, as you know, you should have made your Mother’s Day brunch reservations back in February, but you didn’t, so let’s discuss.

It’s not as dire a situation as it might seem, since just about every restaurant does a Mother’s Day brunch; just call up your faves and see what’s available. We could do it for you, but your mother will know that you cheated. Frankly, we think that if you’re geographically (and emotionally) close enough with your mother to take her out to brunch, then you’re close enough to cook her brunch yourself. It does not have to be homemade crab cake eggs Benedict to show her you care; the champagne cocktails will be sufficient to that end.

You know what your mother might appreciate more than a meal? Ask if she wants to do a Mother’s Day breast cancer race with you. Sunday is going to be in the mid 60s and sunny, and the walk/run is by the lake in Grant Park. It will be MEANINGFUL, and mothers love meaning.

Race to empower [Y-ME National Breast Cancer Association]

[Photo: The Modern Age]

Oh Snap, It’s Mother’s Day