A Rescue Plan for Restaurant Workers; No Fatty Crab for the UWS

The Restaurant Responsibility Act, just introduced in City Council, would keep eateries from abusing the help by tying operating permits to labor laws. [Gotham Gazette]

Fatty Crab owner writes in to say that Eater has it all wrong about an Upper West Side location. [Eater]

It’s salmon season in Alaska’s Copper River, and some of the city’s top fish cooks are spawning original dishes to take advantage. [NYDN]

Lonesome Dove’s Tim Love, busily expanding his empire and brand despite having washed out in New York, had a golden parachute in the form of a rich buyout of his lease, or so he claims. [Dallas Morning News]
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A look inside the life of a typical family-run Chinese restaurant, A Taste of China in Maspeth. Here’s a slideshow. [NYT]

Butter’s Alexandra Guarnaschelli marries her former cooking student. “It was no longer the chef and a student,” the chef says. “It was a man and a woman.” Aww. [NYT]

Yes, Birdbath is the greenest bakery in New York. “I see the bakery as the lifeblood to civilization,” owner Maury Rubin claims. Somebody should introduce this guy to Will Goldfarb. [NYT]
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Haute Greek restaurants are on the rise, and with them knowledge of Greek winemaking. [NYP]

Italian food was a low, inauthentic business back in the day, when you couldn’t get good ingredients. Now, though, says San Domenico’s Tony May, “there is no excuse to make second-rate Italian food.” [Bloomberg]

A Philadelphia restaurant from Le Bernardin’s Eric Ripert is about a year out. It will be “sexy, modern, sophisticated and casually elegant” the Ripper says. [Philadelphia Inquirer]

A Rescue Plan for Restaurant Workers; No Fatty Crab for the UWS