Meta-Imbibing: Anna Pakula Photographs @ Drake Bros.’

There is something hypnotic about doing the thing that you’re seeing, whether it’s running on the treadmill while watching a marathon, or having sex while watching pornography. One becomes highly self-conscious of the act of the action, and this contextualization can be quite rewarding. Or terrifying. At any rate, tonight, you can avail yourself of the opportunity to engage in some meta-wine drinking: A Room with a View Gallery will be exhibiting] work from a collection entitled “Harvest Sensations: Winemaking from Around the World - The Wine Photojournalism of Anna Pakula Creations” at the Drake Hotel, in the Drake Bros.’ restaurant. Pakula’s commercial, journalistic and artistic work aims to capture the tremendously photogenic craft of winemaking; consider the vividness and dynamicism of the above shot, for example.

How much richer would your viewing experience be if you were sipping from a glass of Montelpuciano right now (bracketing the probability that every experience could be so enriched)? Well, if you’re on the Gold Coast this evening (or any time in the next month), stop in for some wine and light hors d’oeuvres, and try to imagine the life cycle of what’s in your glass while you look at photos depicting each phase. We think you’ll find that it’s just a bit more special than usual.

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Meta-Imbibing: Anna Pakula Photographs @ Drake Bros.’