Menu Mission: Sebo

Try as we might, we can’t track down every single menu in the city. That’s where you, dear user, come in. Menu Mission is a new feature where we make a plea to our users to send us an commonly-requested menu.

Rounding our little Hayes Valley afternoon, we turn our menu-seeking eye towards Sebo, one of the finest Japanese joints in the Bay Area. It’s a Chowhound favorite and a home to some excellent sushi chefs. The combination of sleek and modern aesthetic and ultra-fresh fish take the sushi-lover back to Japan. Or just to Japan, if you’ve never been there … nevermind.

Anyway, Sebo’s been open for a year or so, but we are still seeking out its menu. Email us one or fax it to 415-358-5770.

Sebo, 517 Hayes St (At Octavia), 415-864-2181

[Photo courtesy: Flickr]

Menu Mission: Sebo