Marc Vetri Gets His NY Times Profile

Well, the oft-mentioned Marc Vetri has now been officially elevated to the ranks of the superstar chefs. Vetri just got a glowing profile in the New York Times courtesy of food critic Frank Bruni. Both Vetri and Osteria get extremely positive mentions. Things we learned:

1. Osteria is to Vetri as Craftbar is to Craft. Does this mean that Vetri’s third restaurant will be his Craftsteak? We hope so.

2. Vetri got an extremely sweet real estate deal on renting the space for Osteria. As per the Times, “The deal he and Mr. Benjamin got let them do it without taking on investors, though they did max out several credit cards.” Well played, Mr. Vetri. Well played.

3. Frank Bruni calls Vetri’s goat “duck on testosterone therapy.” Per Frank Bruni and his duck-loving ways, this is high praise indeed.

4. Osteria’s somellier, Karina Lyons, got a personal shout out. See? Philadelphia restaurants do have good wine lists after all.

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[Photo via Steve Legato @ the New York Times]

Update: Vetri got some Diner’s Journal loving too.


Marc Vetri Gets His NY Times Profile