Making A List: Ethiopian, SF’s Forgotten Cuisine

One of the more underrepresented cuisines in San Francisco is Ethiopian. Unlike hotbeds like Washington DC and New York City, our options for wat and tibs are a bit slimmer by the Bay.

For those who may not know, Ethiopian cuisine traditionally consists of wat (a thick stew) served on top of a spongey flatbread called injera. The injera is then used to scoop of the tender, spicy pieces of meat and vegetables.

Our five favorite Ethiopian restaurants, after the jump.

5. Club Waziema: It’s got that “homey” feel, with its small space and courteous service. Plus, we’re a sucker for their “Ethiopian Food Open” neon sign. Oh, and it’s open late.

4. Rasselas: Even though it might be considered more of a jazz club, the Ethiopian staples are all there, despite playing second fiddle to the music.

3. Cafe Ethiopia: Quick, easy, cheap and in a fun place in the Mission, it’s a great spot to begin a night.

2. Massawa: Though technically Eritrean (we believe), Massawa stands out from some of its competition with the simple added feature that it serves breakfast. And more is always better, right? Right?

1. Axum Cafe: One of the best values in town, the find at Axum may be the traditionally prepared kifto, which is basically raw steak tossed in butter. Delicious.

Making A List: Ethiopian, SF’s Forgotten Cuisine