Imbibing: Impressing Your Friends On The Cheap

We’re going to let you in on a little secret - the Merch Mart Chopping Block is hosting a class tonight, as part of their Sommelier Series, on how to select wines for the perfect dinner party. What’s secret about it? When we called up, it was all we could do to convince them that the event even existed! (It’s on their website, which apparently doesn’t mean much these days.) That may explain why there are still three spots left. Or maybe that it costs $60.

Anyway, the deal is that Sommelier Belinda Chang (who has slung wine at such illustrious establishments as Charlie Trotter’s) will break down for the class how to find the right wines for one’s various dinner parties, in order to impress guests while remaining on a budget. Hopefully, that budget includes the sixty big ones for the session, which runs from 6pm to 7:30pm tonight (312-644-6360 to reserve your spot).

This class seems particularly aspirational to us, because our dinner party guests usually fall into two overlapping categories: too unsophisticated to know good wine, or too drunken to care. If it comes in a bottle, people will drink it (even boxed wines are hot right now). But one day in the future, we hope to have sober, discerning friends who will brutally judge us on the provenance and quality of wine we provide them. What fun!

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[Photo: Dinner Party Dame by Chris Wake]

Imbibing: Impressing Your Friends On The Cheap