Imbibing: Cheap Cognac Tasting @ Sam’s

Cognac is expensive beverage, usually reserved for industrialists, hip hop stars, and the French.

Frankly, we find it a bit intimidating, and you might too. Well, Sam’s is blowing the lid off the cognac mythos tonight with a $10 tasting at its Lincoln Park store (312-664-4394, 1720 N Marcey St). From 6:30pm-8pm, Alexandre Koiransky, Midwest Director of Cognac Ferrand, will treat the uninitiated to a basic 411, sampling several cognac cocktails, a few cognacs from her own line, and even how to pair cognac with food; we had no idea that was even possible, let alone practiced. The best part, of course, is the $10 price tag - what a low barrier to entry! We hope people go and try to take as much advantage of Sam’s hospitality and patience as possible, while staying just on the right side of appropriate. We’re thinking…cute, charming and tipsy. Have fun with it!

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[Photo: Cognac & Tonic,]

Imbibing: Cheap Cognac Tasting @ Sam’s